4 Ways Nutrition is the Key to Unlock a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition is key when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle. While getting plenty of exercise is important, you’ll maximize on its benefits when you adopt a healthy diet along with it. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just to get in shape, eating right can work wonders. Learn the ways in which nutrition can help you to unlock a healthy lifestyle in this post.

Portions Matter

Oftentimes when eating at restaurants, customers are given extra large portion sizes. When you’re trying to get healthy, retraining your brain and your stomach to appreciate smaller portion sizes is key. Large portions can have high amounts of calories and fat, making it difficult to lose weight through exercise alone. Eating large portions is one pitfall that many women fall victim to, making portion control an important key in any weight loss diet for women.

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The Power of Produce

While restaurant portion sizes can easily feel out of control, one food group you should feel free to indulge in are fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutrient-dense leafy greens and other veggies go a long way towards helping you to feel full and energized. The best part? There’s no need to limit your portions when you’re enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables. These low-calorie, high-fiber foods will help to give you the energy you need to complete your daily workout.

Calories Count

When you eat more calories per day than you can burn off through activity, weight loss is difficult. Keep an eye on the nutrition labels of the foods you eat and ask yourself if you’re getting a good amount of nutrition for the calories you’re consuming. Will the food help to keep you full? Will it energize you? If not, you may be eating “empty calories,” and tacking on calories you won’t burn off to your daily intake.

Reach Out to an Expert

Getting on track with a new weight loss diet for women can be daunting. Learning about nutrition and applying your knowledge to your daily life in itself can be intimidating, nevermind developing an exercise routine! At Get In Shape For Women, we understand the many pressures that are put on women every day. Balancing careers, family life, and children is common for many of our clients. With our help, we can design a weight loss program tailored to your needs. We can even help you with meal planning! Why go it alone when you can rely on our expertise and experience to get you on the right track?

These are just a few ways that nutrition can positively impact your weight loss plan. At Get In Shape For Women, we believe that our combination of exercise, diet, and accountability allows our clients to get into shape. We’re excited to get to know you and to help you get started on your weight loss journey! Get in touch with us today to start your free trial.