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“What Are the Costs for Membership?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness studio membership costs vary, but in the Boston area, they can get quite expensive. At Get In Shape For Women, we’ve heard questions about this and many other considerations when it comes to joining our studio. Don’t let a lack of information hold you back from reaching your fitness goals.

What are the benefits of opting for a personal training gym?

Personal training gyms offer much more than the traditional self-guided gym. Instead of paying a monthly fee in exchange for access to exercise equipment on your own time, Get In Shape For Women’s clients are paying for personal training designed for them. Our personal trainers get to know you, your fitness goals, and your abilities. All of this means that you’ll get the most out of every training session with workouts that are custom-tailored to you and your needs.

Training on your own can often lead to boredom and fatigue. Members are left to develop routines on their own, and often fall back on the same old exercise machines. Not only does this keep you from working out to your fullest potential, it can lead to skipping sessions due to a lack of interest. When you partner with a personal trainer you don’t need to worry about your routine getting dull.

How do Get In Shape For Women’s fitness membership costs compare to other personal training gyms?

Personal training services like these can get expensive – many of our competitors charge up to $125 for a single session. For clients who are looking to exercise several times a week, this can quickly add up. Get In Shape For Women is proud to offer small-group personal training services at the lowest price-point in the Boston area. While exact prices will vary by location and services needed, the average price of a 60-minute session with one of our trainers is $24. You’ll work together with a few other women to reach your individual goals. When you opt to partner with Get In Shape For Women, you can work out three times for less than the cost of a single session with our competitors. With competitive pricing like this, there’s no reason to not start working towards your fitness goals.

Does Get In Shape For Women offer any other services?

Get In Shape For Women offers a number of other valuable services that our competitors can’t compete with. For instance, we strive to provide our clients with a great nutrition plan designed to make the most of, and complement, their workout routine.

Our competitive fitness studio membership costs make Get In Shape For Women an exciting option for anyone who is looking to reach their fitness goals through small-group training. Contact us today to get started.