Why Should You Join a Women’s Gym Over Your Average Rec Center?

If you’ve been thinking of improving your health, there are many options for you to choose from. Whether it’s a rec center, a health club, or just a simple gym, consumers have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a fitness facility. Get In Shape For Women has a unique approach to fitness that stands out from these other options. In this entry, we’ll take a quick look at the services we offer to help you decide which choice is right for you.

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Greater Personal Attention

At many gyms, personal training isn’t offered, or it comes at an additional fee. The Get In Shape for Women model revolves around small group training, making it one of the cornerstones of our business. If you’re out of shape or haven’t been to the gym in a while, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re confronted with all the machines, weights, and activities of a standard gym. We strive to make the experience of working out in our women’s gym as comfortable as possible by providing our members with small group training that’s designed to give them individualized attention and feedback. When you work with one of our experts, you’ll be guided through the process of getting in shape without needing to worry about teaching yourself new exercises and routines.

An Atmosphere Designed for Your Comfort

Another way our women’s gyms stand out from other gyms is our attention to atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome when you walk into one of our facilities, which is why we strive to achieve an upscale look and feel. In many other gyms, members walk in to face a sea of strangers working out on complex machinery with loud music in the background. This can be intimidating, and it certainly doesn’t make for a relaxing atmosphere. Our beautiful facilities are designed for your comfort, and you’ll work out in small groups with others who are at your ability level. We strive to ensure that our facilities are welcoming to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or fitness level, and that the intimidation factor is kept to a minimum.


Many gyms only concern themselves with their members’ access to their facilities. They don’t monitor what members are doing outside the gym, or help hold them accountable to reaching their fitness goals. At Get In Shape For Women, we believe that achieving better fitness depends on accountability. That’s why we don’t believe your fitness experience ends when you walk out of our doors – we work hard to support our members outside the gym as well. Whether it’s helping monitor their nutrition or ensuring that they get enough daily activity, we do whatever we can to help ensure our members reach their fitness goals.

These are just a few ways that our women’s gym model differs from the traditional rec center. If you’re looking to get in shape with the support of our team of experts, contact us today to get started!

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