weight loss workout for women

Workouts That Can Help You Lose Weight in Your Stubborn Areas

When it comes to working out, there are many different types of weight loss workouts for women that can be beneficial. Each exercise works different muscle groups, and there are plenty of routines that can help work muscles that you may regularly miss like the neck or the gluts. At Get In Shape For Women, we pride ourselves on offering complete, total-body workouts that work every muscle and help set you down a path toward achieving your fitness goals.

Weight Loss Workouts for Women

Varied Cardio Workouts

One of the four components that make up our program of weight loss workouts for women is cardio training. Cardio training gets the blood flowing, the heart pumping, and the sweat pouring down your back. At Get In Shape For Women, we have incredible varied cardio workouts that will put your body to the test! Keeping your heart healthy is a great way to look after your own personal health.

Circuit Training

Another of the components of our program, weight training is important to help develop and tone muscles. There are many types of weight loss workouts for women that tone the body. Circuit training is a great way to maximize the results of your weight training.

Circuit training involves doing a number of exercises in rapid succession. Rather than aiming to lift the most weight, you lift lower weights for a higher number of repetitions with little rest in between. In addition to toning and developing muscles, circuit training also helps burn fat and can be a great complement to your cardio program. Popular among athletes, circuit training can also be a great weight loss workout for women.

To learn more about the types of weight loss workouts for women that we offer, and to get a free trial at one of our studios, reach out to us today.