Women Only Gyms With Personal Trainers That Truly Care!

Fitness Program and Weight Loss Plan That Really Works!

If any of these hit home– it’s time to get in shape:

  • Your clothes keep getting bigger every season
  • It’s hard to keep up with your kids or grandchildren
  • You’ve gained weight with having a baby or menopause and you just can’t get it off
  • You’re feeling tired & achy all the time
  • You feel self-conscious about your body
  • Your weight is getting in the way
  • You feel older than your years
  • You know your life would be so much better if you were fit, strong & healthy

We know how hard it is for women to make the commitment to lose weight and get fit. Get In Shape For Women makes it easier with flexible and affordable workout plans starting at $21 per session, nutritional coaching and schedules that work for you. 

Our group exercises classes are limited to four women per session so you’ll have one-on-one attention from the trainers, but you’ll also have your ‘teammates’ cheering you on!

You’re at this page because you’re finally ready to take your life back – Fantastic!  Now don’t lose that momentum.  Try Get In Shape For Women FREE for one week and see what a difference you’ll already start to see and feel!

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