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From left to right:  Hayley (Trainer) And Susie (Trainer)

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Fitness Studio for Women in La Grange, IL

Get in Shape For Women in La Grange, Illinois

Our weight loss studio for women in La Grange, Illinois has been helping women get fit and stay healthy since 2012. Our certified and experienced personal trainers not only provide amazing workouts, but they also help you maintain healthy habits to ensure your body stays in great shape even after you’ve reached your fitness goals.

Sustained Fitness through Our 4-Component Fitness Program

Our La Grange fitness studio for women follows the four components that Get In Shape For Women is known for:

#1 – Weight Training.  When we weight train, we increase your lean muscle, increase your metabolism, and keep your bones strong.

#2 – Cardio Exercise.  With Cardio, we burn fat and calories and get your heart in shape

#3 – Nutrition.  We work one on one with each client, customizing a meal plan specific to their goals.

#4 – Accountability.  Because you need to be held accountable by someone other than yourself. 

Get In Shape For Women believes that a successful fitness program relies on your commitment, from start to finish. Sticking to your customized meal plan and exercise schedule, increases your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

Our trainers will cheer you on, offer encouragement, and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.

A Fitness Community You Can Count On

Losing weight and getting in shape can be difficult. But, when you’re in the company of people who share the same goal, staying fit becomes so much easier. This is what you can expect at our personal training studio for women in La Grange, IL.  

Your lifestyle transformation begins today. Contact us and inquire for a free trial session.